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Girth Measurement


A cloth/vinyl measuring tape will give much more accurate results. I have seen them made of cloth and vinyl. When you are measuring for gains, you need accurate, consistent results.

The toilet paper will stretch and when measuring with something so wide it is difficult to be accurate. I use a flexible tape myself.

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When you get a cloth/vinyl tape, I really am curious as to what it says. Please keep us informed.

I will. I am very curious, too. I’d love to find out that my girth is bigger than I thought! :)

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Well, head on over to the Walmart right now then!

Did I say this before? The way I was told to measure was - make sure the tape is snug, but not so tight that it is COMPRESSING your penis.

Like you know, when you have a genuine 36-inch waist, and you pull the measuring tape so tight that it compresses the fat to give you a “34-inch waist.”


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