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Girth, Length or both

Girth, Length or both

Is it better to train for girth and length together, or is it better to first gain girth/length then gain length/girth? The reason I’m asking is because I’m doing a PE program which attacks both length and girth.

Length first

In general it’s better to go for length first (as softer and thinner organ can easily be stretched).

But it can also be done as in - that’s something like go for 6 weeks go for length then some rest(2 weeks) for penis during which you can go for girth .This can be repeated in alternating fashion . As because after constant stretching penis needs some rest , so girth based exercise do help in improving penis health, Erectile Quality. Once done with girth exercise for 2 weeks or more when you restart the length exercise some girth may be lost but it will be regained once you restart girth exercise.

Hope this helps

Go for length first. Its hard to get good length gains when you have a big girth. Vets will tell you this. Also use the search button and read a lot. Search “TGC theory” you will learn a lot.

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This question has been asked twice in the past few days. Do you new guys not read any of the other threads?

Length or Girth

Sucks for those of us that started with a more hefty girth…

As a newbie, you will probably gain both quite easily for a while. When your newbie gains stop and you change your routine, it would be wiser to look for length first.

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Thanks for the advice guys

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