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Girth insecurity


Hi Hallucination !

I’m glad to read your post, and the replies from the TP members, because I’m exactly in the same situation than you. Most of the post here speak about length, not girth. My insecurity comes from my girth, not really from the length. I’m starting with 4.57 MSEG, and 5.82 BPEL.. As you can see, I’m also under the average for the girth.. And almost also for the length..
It’s worrying me each time I’m with a girl due to some bad experiences.. (Girls who doesn’t really feel me inside her.. It’s hard for the self-confidence.) Because of that, I didn’t have sex for a long time now, and I’m fed up with this, it’s not normal for a 28 years old guy ! That’s why I’m here, I hope Thundersplace will help me to go through this insecurity thanks to PE, just like you.

I’m here to improve my girth in priority, but I didn’t find any specific exercises yet. So if you have found some stuff, I would be very grateful if you, or another brother here, share it !

Good luck

Originally Posted by WetMayo
Hey man, I know what it feels like to be below in girth. For some odd reason length doesn’t bother me as much as girth. I hate the fact that I can completely wrap my hand around my shaft. It is something that I am working on. I’m doing pretty much the same thing that the Navigator is doing. I’m glad that it seems to be working out for him (I just started doing hand clamps).

I wouldn’t dismiss the length gains either though because the general consensus seems that length and girth work hand-in-hand, but if you gain too much girth then it becomes harder to gain length.

How big are your hands? I have always been disappointed in this, too, but have come to the realization that I have giant hands. I have never lost the “hand size battle” and have been recommended to learn piano by a skilled pianist.

On the other hand, I met a guy who I could not get my hand around (not gay, but he was because of size), he was about 7.5 girth.

.. Yeah. : /

Starting: EL: 7' EG:4.9'

Goal: EL: 8' EG 6'

Insecurity? Am I the champ here with a whopping 3.5” MSEG? Well that was my starting girth at least. My username says Determined2Gain and that I did with girth…albeit not the natural manual PE route. With length, however, I am more excited then ever to restart my PE career and grab me 1” in BPEL as a goal (more obviously is a PLUS). To all my under-4.5” girth friends, not sure how many of you have REGULAR size condoms slip on you, but it sucks! There is no denying girth plays a more important role than length for a majority of women, and thus average lengths should be more than adequate for female satisfaction. FORTUNATELY there are ways to obtain girth, naturally or artificially. Good luck men.

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