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Girth gains

Girth gains

Can someone with good girth gain give me some advice on how to accomplish the same

If you are new to PE, there are no short cuts. Begin at the beginning with the newbie routine and learn how to jelq properly. It will take a month or two before you are ready to concentrate on more advanced exercises. Take it slow and learn correctly to avoid injury and in the long run, make the fastest gains.

I have been jelqing since last November that is about 5 months. So I think I have gained the necessary stripes to move on from a newbie routine

I would suggest adding some ULI squeezes and if you would like, edge a couple times a week.


Hey VVV two questions what is edges? And could you give me ur routine because it seems you and I have almost the same goal

Other than pumping, the best exercise I have for girth is Girth Blasters. This can be a very intense jelq routine, so as always, start slow and build up pressure gradually.

Girth Blasters New Jelq Technique

Sounds like something I should give a shot

There are a lot of posts on edging here and that is where I learned about it.

It is basically masterbating to the point of cumming but you do not let yourself cum. What ever technique you use to stop yourself does not matter. What matters is that you do not cum and you keep that wanker hard as you can for 30-60 minutes.

Here is my edging routine. I get up at 5:30AM when the wife goes to the gym. I have a CD full of porn that I downloaded and I put it on a slideshow. I get a vibrator or cock ring and some oil and wack-off Little V until he pays attention. I usually do some ULI stretches while it is getting hard also. When I am on the verge of cumming, I do a reverse kegel and it shuts things off nicely. (This is like grunting out a big turd) I then start again and do this for 30-60 minutes, three times a week. I like to just sit and rub the head or lay the vibrator on it while looking a naked girls pictures. My cock is absolutely huge for the entire day after doing this.

I also jelq twice a day and ULIs with my jelq sessions. These sessions usually last 15 minutes.

I am very happy with my gains and results and will hopefully be readjusting my goals in the summertime. Mrs V has no idea that I am PEing but she is just going crazy over my cock lately. I like this result most of all!

Do good things.


I find that kegeling religiously and jelqing will give you a lot of gains. Kegeling alone will not give you an increase in size. What it will do is encourage blood flow. Jelqing is what will expand your penis. But you need to bear in mind that as a newbie you should start out PE at a moderate pace. I agree with vincent on edging. It helps!

I made good girth gains with just jelqs, kegels and occasionally erect squeezes. I’ve added pumping the last 8 weeks or so and that seems to be adding to the girth, too.

Thanks guys I appreciate all the advice if you there is anythings please remember to mention it to me

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