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Girth Gains

Girth Gains

Well here is the down low. I am looking for girth gains, right now I am okay with my length.(Being about 7’ BPEL) I was wandering what routines everyone uses, or would use, for girth only gains. I know Jelqing, clamping, and such are good for gaining girth, but I mean to say how long and how much for a girth only routine. I also have some questions.

1: Does stretching help with girth gains at all? I read somewhere it helps cement them some after a session.
2:When I Jelq and Do other exercises I have troubles keeping the blood in the shaft, it seems to escape easily no matter how hard I try to squeeze, is this normal?
3:Besides Kegeling are there any other techniques, herbs, or supplements which may increase EQ?
4:What are the best ways to increase my flaccid size, both length and girth, without increasing my EL, if any?
5:Having about a two inch fat pad makes it hard for me to measure and makes me look much smaller that I am, so I was wandering what some good exercises, herbs, supplements, or diets that target the fat pad are.

7 feet BPEL? holy shit!

I can only provides help on a few questions:

2. it gets easier to maintain a constant erection level. stop jerking off, and stop watching porn. It really does help.
3. L-Arginine, citrulline-malate, etc.
4. I’ve found that PE in generally increases these parameters.
5. Everyone is different, but weight loss and exercise are how one loses fat. The body pretty much decides where it wants that fat to come from. The abdominal region is normally the LAST area that it pulls from.

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Dang, my bad I meant 7” lol. Thank you for your input.

1. Stretching and/or other length/tunica targeting exercises can add girth to some men if their tunica is the limiting factor for them check this thread for more: Focus Your PE and Gain! TGC Theory

2. Don’t get discouraged, it happens to many men when they first start jelqing, some use porn until they have full control, also note that the harder you grip the softer it’ll get, so try to use a softer grip, maybe this post can help:
firegoat - Head Swelling Sign of a “Good” Jelq

3. Cayenne Pepper & Garlic are very good for you circulatory and cardiovascular system.

Good Luck

Originally Posted by JonPop
Wet Jelq: 30-60% erection level. Just erected enough to move the blood from as close to the pelvic bone to just under the glans. Hold the bulge for 3-4 seconds to keep the glans expanded and without releasing, start the second hand up. Release the first hand at the top when half way up with the second hand. Do this slowly, about for the quick count of 5. Only squeeze hard enough to trap the blood and move it up the shaft.
This degree of erection will prevent burst capillaries, bruising and thrombosed veins.

You don’t have to be so erect

Thank you, I loved the links you gave.

From what I have read

For girth I will start these once I get my length where I want it. You could also try pumping I know that works for girth.

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