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Girth gained, now convinced

Girth gained, now convinced

Hi, my first post. This is a great site, all the greater now I know this DOES work.

I started jelqing slowly after my morning shower and again after my evening bath, gradually doing more and more jelqs over the past few months. To my amazement I’ve gained 1/4 inch in girth (but little in length), I stopped for 2 weeks just to check it wasn’t swollen or something and it’s still there! I know for a fact I was exactly 5” mid-shaft before I started (thank God I accurately measured before I started).

I’m going to continue this, but now really want to make length gains. I have a problem measuring my length because it’s different when I’m sitting up straight, lying down or standing up. Not sure which is correct so I’ll pick the biggest - 7’ BPEL. I have a fat pad problem, so it looks considerably smaller, definitely trying to lose weight for that.
I’ve read about the stretching exercises but every time I try them.I GET WOOD! I’m just a randy bastard I guess, but it’s really frustrating! Don’t know what to do.

I’ve always been really embarrassed by my size, because it looks quite small flaccid and it looked quite skinny (hoping that’s changing for good) even erect. Also my balls are quite small, and the overall effect combined with my fairly short stature meant I’ve never really had confidence in my masculinity, and it’s kind of ruined my life, well my love life, which has been either disastrous or non-existent for years - I know it’s dumb, but there you go. I’m 26 now and it’s time foe a change!

I’d say my goal is, with no time-span as I’m totally committed; 1.50” length and at least another 1/4 or half inch girth, but preferably become 6” mid-shaft, is this doable?

Thanks guys.

Measure standing. It is usually a lot more consistent. I now developed the same problem with stretches. Sucks, I know. When it goes up, stop to let the erection subside and continue.

As for your goals, why not? It is very doable. But don’t expect it to be within the next 3 months though. You got to be in it for the long haul.

Good luck on your PE journey.

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Maybe try throwing in a little bending during session to reduce to wood. Someone also once told me that doing BTC stretches first reduces wood.

Thanks, Yeah, I thought standing would be the best measurement.

I’ll try those things for the erections. Maybe I’ll watch some nature video of huge gross bugs mating while I stretch, that might stop the lil’ fella!


Clamping ehe?…hmmmmm…

Sounds like good gains.. And rather quick too. Hope I can say the same in the future.

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