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girth expansion

girth expansion

So i read/replied to a post on here a bit ago, I know that I am sort of a sprint poster, but I looked around and could not find the answer.

I only get 1-1/16th, 1/8th of an inch on a good day, and maybe 0.2 inches with absolutely great expansion while clamping. At this point, I seem to be gaining very small increments of girth, but I am wandering if anyone has had great sucess with girth in a more steady way where they only got a tiny bit of expansion, and just kept building up.


I tried clamping for a couple weeks and here are a few of my expansion details.

I wrapped useing an ace bandage/theraband and got about 1/8” expansion. I switched to just a strip of a mouse pad and started getting about 3/8” expansion, and rarely 1/2”.

With the mouse pad I also didn’t get as much discoloration or discomfort from clamping.

Slippy, thats good to know there are certain techniques that may help. I am curious whether or not someone who maybe had trouble with expansion (not one of these guys who were an inch bigger while clamping) gained a significant amount of girth, 0.75 or more through dilligence, and making tiny gains constantly.

Sorry, didn’t really understand the question and don’t really have the experience to answer.

Slippy, no worries haha, I probably should have been more clear.

O-Bends are amazing for expansion.

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