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Girth but no length

Girth but no length

Hi guys I’m a noob and I’ve been pretty much been using very basic routines. About 10 minutes of jelqing everyday and some streches here and there. I’ve noticed increase In my girth but almost none in My length. What are some good routines for length development?

Maybe instead of doing stretches here and there, take 10-15 minutes out of your day to do a nice stretch routine.

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Agreed, warm up your dick thouroughly and then do a good stretching workout.

How much importance do you guys place on the warm up? Is a hot shower a good replacement for it?

Downtownbill: I usually take hot shower for “warm up”. I think it is quite effective if the shower is warm enough (no need to burn yourself, just warm :)

Originally Posted by downtownbill
How much importance do you guys place on the warm up? Is a hot shower a good replacement for it?

A warm up is a must. Remember that, without a proper heating up of the penis, your pe efforts are futile. I personally use hot wraps as they’re cost effective and deliver warm heat to circulate the internal portions of the penis, making them more pliable. I also prefer to think of the heating up process as a psychological threshold upon which the pe activities commence.

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