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Girth anyone?

Girth anyone?

Hey people, this is my first post. I would just like to say that i am very happy with the exercises, they are not boring like the exercises i do at the gym, lol.

I have been PE’ing for about 3 weeks now and i don’t measure with a ruler, my penis goes verticle to my body from a very hard erection, don’t know why, but i have always had this, easily excited i guess, lol. Well so i can see how big my penis is in relation to my belly button, it is just under it, about 6 inches long.

I would mainly like to gain a lot of girth and quickly, i can see the length has increased slightly, its a bit closer to my belly button when standing, i would just like to know a couple of things:

Mainly, can someone tell me how to stop getting hard so damn quick? lmao, i can’t help it, no matter what i think of - i get hard even at the slight thought of getting pleasure, or from kissing my girlfriend. Is this normal and is there anything i can do about it?

Secondly i would like to know how important it is to slap my penis about after stretching in the different directions, as i find this to be the most annoying part, plus it must sound disturbing from outside the bathroom, hehe.

Would love for some of you to reply to me, you all seem very kool, and i wish you all some great gains, thanks for reading, thanks even more if you reply :D

Gow. p.s. sorry for the long first post!!

Come on guy, be happy with the easy erections !
Saves you a lot of viagra-money, or what ?
I m NOT an expert, just a beginner myself, but i DID gain 5 mm in 2 weeks,
so IT DOES WORK !!!!!
(never thought it was possible, always just deleted the penis enlargment spam mails)
from what i read its jelqing slowly and with an around 70-80 % erection,
and after some weeks also those horse 440 und uli stretches, you can look them up
in those quick start for beginner threads…..but thats later

Best of luck buddy !

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