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Girth and Women

Girth and Women

What size of girth is considered skinny because I’m at EG- 5.3” and I see all these damn pictures and I feel skinny. How much girth do you need to seriously pleasure a women. My girlfriend says I’m big but she’s seen some dicks and I think she just does it to keep my self esteem up so I don’t know if I’m seriously pleasuring her. And out of everyones experience what is the best exercise for girth that has quick results?

You sir have plenty of girth to satisfy a woman.

You are a newbie, you are not ready for girth exercises yet. Stick with the newbie routine for at least a month.

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There are plenty of girth threads floating around here including a massive survey of starting erect girth size. Put the search button to some good use.

Here’s one:
Girth is more Important

Starting size: 7"x5.25" bp

Current size: 7.25"x5.875" bp

Goal size: 8.75"x6" bp

Originally Posted by SSK
You sir have plenty of girth to satisfy a woman.

You are a newbie, you are not ready for girth exercises yet. Stick with the newbie routine for at least a month.


Welcome to the forum, Shagnasty.

Even with the newbie routine which I am doing as well, girth gains are very possible. Especially if you switch up between wet and dry jelqs. I have also begun doing short ten minute or so jelq sessions (once or twice a day) even on off days now too, at the recommendation of vincent van cock and others. I havn’t had any real problems so I don’t think im over doing it. I am a bit more than 3 weeks into this whole deal.

Based on the studies that have been done, the statistical “average” of erect girth is right around 5”. Moreover, there appears to be much more conformity to this girth average than is the case with erect length. In other words, fewer men deviate from this 5” girth than they do from the average erect length. So at 5.3” you are doing very well! Just remember that many here consider 5.5” their ideal, which you are very near to.

But as Sunshinekid says, stick to the newbie routine first, especially the jelqing. You should already begin to see your unit looking thicker and heavier from this. Then, when you’ve conditioned the thing some, you can move on to the dedicated girth exercises.

Your girlfriend is right, you are big. But with effort, you should be able to become even bigger!

Lifestyles condoms did a survey that showed the overwhelming majority of men fall between 4.5” and 5” in the girth.

Click here: Lifestyles Survey There are others (Durex, etc.) that place the average slightly higher, and others that support this survey. From what I’ve seen 5” is safe guess at average girth - even the grossly distorted and specious PenisSizeDebate site agrees with this.

Rest assured, by any of these surveys you are significantly above average. Nothing ‘skinny’ about you.

Even very ‘small’ gains in girth register. Try wearing a clear silicone cockring unbeknownst to your lady and see what I mean. A cock ring, properly worn, can give you a small increase (.1” or so, maybe more depending); your lady will definiitely notice.

A lot of folks here are shooting for 6” - a size which is very unusual as a natural phenomenon. It will also change the nature of what can be done for you in the blow job department. Be careful of what you wish for…

As far as feeling like your cock is skinny… Well, it isn’t. It’s a very respectably thick dick.

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