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Girth and shape question

Girth and shape question

Hey I have started doing PE and haven’t seen many gains yet! I am currently 7x5.25 BP and want to do mostly girth as that’s all I’m worried about. I’ve been mostly doing jelqs and stretches for now and I get better erections but no serious gains. My real question is that most my girth comes from my penis being really wide and not as much of a cylinder shape as it should be! It’s more like flatter and wider than being the cylinder shape that I want.. Does this seem odd that it’s like this and is their any special exercises I can do to get the shape and girth that I want? Thanks

Maybe you could put more pressure on the SIDES of the penis. You know, like your trying to squeeze the sides as close as possible. Not sure if this will work. I’m just giving a suggestion :)

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You could try jelqing with your index finger on the underside of your penis and your thumb on the top side of your penis. This puts more pressure on your CS-chamber and will eventually give you a more cylinder shaped penis.

As you progress from newbie to a more experienced PEer you could try clamping and pumping.

Form what I’ve read so far on this forum, it seems to me that the excercises that target girth are mostly advanced (clamping, Horse 440’s) and so one can’t really focus TOO much on girth until they are out of the Newbie Routine. My advice would be to finish up the Newbie Routine, and then go for some of the exercises mentioned before. Good luck!


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Thanks everyone! I am happy with my sizes I just want a little more girth and like I said more of the cylinder shape with more base girth.

My guess is that it should even out after some time doing PE.

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