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Girth and rest.


Sta-kool is right. I am in my early forties, and my girth responds better to three or four workouts in a row, followed by a day off. That would be over training for a lot of guys in their early twenties.

Each persons response to a particular routine is unique. You have to experiment and listen to what your body tells you. Hope this helps a little.

For me I recently found out that a one day on, one day off routine is great for me. Since I already have the length that I want I only do girth workouts. Im not sure if this routine is the best for gains, but my EQ hasn’t been better in years. I actually get random wood through out the day, especially on an off day. To me that is more important than fast gains.

If I was not single I might have stuck to a 3 day on 1 day off routine since I had decent gains with that, but nothing is worse than hooking up with a girl and not being able to stay hard because you pounded your dick to death earlier that day lol.

Starting 10/08 - 7.125" EL x 4.5" MSEG

As of 12/08- 7.5" EL x 4.75" MSEG

As of 1/19/08 - 7.75" bpel(previous 7.5" was due to inaccurate ruler) x 4.875" MSEG


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