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Girth and "head" exercises???

Girth and "head" exercises???

Hi all and thanks for such a great forum! I have learned so much here the last few days!!! I am very, very excited about PE. Not just because of the potential but there is a certain ritual and discipline to it that appeals to me.

Anyway, two newbie questions:

1) I want to gain length and am working both length and girth but girth is my first goal. Ideas, suggestions, recommendations?

2) My dick is currently “well porpotioned” meaning I have a nice defined head that is just slightly larger than my shaft. I want to keep that. Are there any excerises directed just at the glans to keep from developing a “torpedo” look?

Thanks for any inputs. Good luck to us all and happy excerising. I’m off to find that three-somes thread I stumbled across…


Hi Hit, welcome to Thunder’s Place. There’s a lot of information here and it can take quite a while to find it all. Each page has a “search” button at the top. By using the right combination of words, you can find older posts on almost any newbie question.

This thread is about increasing head size and in it I posted some links to exercises that have helped some in that endeavor. I think most guys who see gains see an overall increase without much of a change in shape, but you might find those exercises useful.

I must caution you to go slow at first. PE takes time and we usually encourage new guys to follow the Newbie Routine and to read the posts in the Newbie Forum. Study the routines posted in Size’s PE Database and post your results there, too.

Almost all PE exercises increase girth. Hanging and jelqing seem to contribute to girth early on with length coming later. Again, don’t rush into advanced exercises or techniques. Start slow and easy then pick the exercises you want in your routine by trying them for a couple weeks and discarding those that don’t seem to work for you.

Finally, we encourage new guys to put a location in the “location” space of your profile. It helps in a variety of ways to know approximately where someone lives. Here is my thread on the subject.

Thank you Westla, both for your answer and for putting my thread in the correct spot. Shoulda’ known better.

I will take it easy as I do understand this is a gradual process and actually like that idea.

Oh and for what it is worth, I came across a thread through a search where you somehow got sucked (no pun intended) into being a defender of gay men. I am not gay but I thought you did a great job making you point and sticking to your guns on a difficult topic.

Thanks again for the links and the help!


While we have several gay and bisexual members (see this poll and this one) I have appointed myself the “gay watchdog” and try to remind people that performing homosexual acts does not necessarily make you homosexual. Most of our active members (the 1000 or so out of 8000 who actually post) are respectful and tolerant. My watchdog duties are only performed when someone posts a misconception or cliché that need to be corrected.


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