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Getting twitches in BC muscle throughout the day. lay off kegels

Getting twitches in BC muscle throughout the day. lay off kegels

Hey guys,

Just recently started noticed some small twitches in the BC muscle region. I typically only get them when I’m sitting down, though I do recall a time where I felt I might’ve been getting them standing up. I’ll get twitches in other muscles from time to time when I’ve worked those out really hard, but I’m not really sure what to make of this.

It doesn’t seem like a positive side effect, so I’m thinking I may wanna lay off kegels for awhile.

Anyone experienced this or have some input?

Hi Thermal,

I have only been doing PE for a short time and with that, it has mostly been kegels with very little stretching and jelqing. I have experienced the same thing on occasion and have noticed that my EQ is not quite at 100% when I have the twitches. I have either taken a couple of days off or blown a load whenever this has occurred and the twitching has stopped. Other than that, I haven’t noticed any other problems when I have “the twitches”.

Hope that helps, but again, I am very new to this so hopefully a more experienced member will chime in soon. I might be approaching it the wrong way.

You might have a groin or a back injury. When one part of your body gets injured it tightens up and all the muscles and ligaments around it have to compensate for the lack of movement in the injured area. This eventually, over time, leads to these compensating areas being injured doing one thing or another. If you play sports that might be the reason. Or, you could have been right with your first guess, see a good physiotherapist and it’s so important to see a good one cause alot of them are fucking shit, i carried an injury for over 10 years, saw about 10 different physio’s and just recently the last one was able to see the problem so she worked her way backwards through all the injuries until she got to the original one. Get one with the most qualifications. Rant over!!

Are they twitches or involuntary contractions?

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