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Getting started.Again.

Getting started.Again.

Well, I’ve been doing PE off and on for a few years now, with some gains. I’ve never been in too big of a rush, thinking slowly but surely I’ll get the gains I want. Admittedly, I’ve pushed it a touch too far once in a while, but I never really had any major injury. My routine was mainly clamping, Jelqing and some stretching, and always with a warm up. I always do my routine in a very hot bath. It served me well for the warm up and for privacy.

A couple of months ago I was clamping, and I always had the problem of the clamp riding up a little, so I just pushed it down into my pelvic bone and kegeled more blood in to hold it. This happened repeatedly throughout my sessions every time, so it never really concerned me. But, this time I felt a sensation in the left side of my glands, just above the little vein that protrudes out on the bottom of the glands, that felt not unlike the pins and needles sensation that you get when your foot falls a sleep. Immediately, I took off the clamp, messaged my penis, had my little panic attack that I always get whenever I get any sort of injury. Immediately after I felt extremely sensitive in the area around that little vein and it’s persisted until the last week or so. In the last 2 months, give or take a week, I haven’t done any sort of PE at all. Without being 100% sure, I’ve just thought that it might be a little nerve damage and thought it best to take some time off. Also, the only other thing that I had done different is the stretch where you twist the penis all the way around and stretch it. I think that may have added to the susceptibility to my injury. Not to put down the stretch, but I just don’t think it was for me.

Now that the sensitivity has gone, I’ve decided to start back up. Now my routine is Warm up, light stretching and very, very light jelqing. I’m only even doing about 30 - 40 Jelqs at a time as to not aggravate anything. I think it’ll be a few months of this and then start to work back up to clamping.

Wish me luck.

Don’t get discouraged man! Good luck reaching your 8” goal!

Thanks. The 8” would be cool and all, but I really just want to be thicker. That’s my main interest.

Jelqed again today. Got up to 40, using a little bit more pressure. Sometimes I feel a little sensation where the sensitivity was, but I’m thinking it might just be psychological. I’m getting better EQ now that I’ve been jelqing again. I really miss clamping, but I guess I just have to be patient.

Well, I’ve jelqed twice since my last post. I’m still taking it real easy. EQ is still improving. Getting morning wood and super hard during sex. Before I was even losing my erections when I would be giving oral, then it would get hard again for intercourse and now it stays hard the whole time. I’m thinking that less may be better for me.

Did two sets of 20 jelqs yesterday. I’ve got none of that sensitive sensation. Things seem to be going well.


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