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Getting Started: overcoming hurdles

Getting Started: overcoming hurdles

Sup thunders..

I’ve been trying to start a routine now since July of this year. Unfortunately, I’ve come across some pretty epic hurdles along the way, and as such I have not been able to be consistent enough to get an effective routine going.

Of course for every newbie there’s the annoying period of ‘conditioning’, where you learn the moves and get better over time, and learn what is and is not right for your little guy. Also, getting it used to the exercises, etc.

I started with Jelques and Stretching, a-la the newbie routine, but found after a couple weeks that stretching was causing my length to go down about a quarter of an inch (this did not occur with jelqing only), and my flacid hang was worse than before (which is DIRECTLY opposite what many people on here seem to experience).

Came to the conclusion that either stretching just isn’t for me right now, OR maybe the fact that I wasn’t ‘shaking it out’ after each directional stretch (to get the bloodflow back to the penis, as stretching is a blood-constricting activity). So either stretching isnt for me, or I’ve been doing stretches improperly. Either way, this brings me to my next ‘hurdle’ with getting started—Newbie Injuries. Overdoing it. Not warming up properly, etc. Things like this probably postponed my PE progress for another month, till I got my act together and learned to do the research and do this stuff RIGHT. So I got over that ‘injury’ (an inability to maintain erections, pain in left lig, etc). For a week and a half I was jelqing properly and seeing great results—after healing my injury, I found that proper jelqing (jelqing only) gave me AWESOME erections. I was so happy. Soon, I was ready to try and re-incorperate PROPER stretching (with ‘shaking out’ in between). I got through one session, but then came my newest and most SCARY, seemingly unsolvable hurdle in my quest for PE.

I’ve had an onset of sudden, HORRIFIC insomnia ever since early August and as such, my penis hasn’t been able to recover each night after jelqing. Thus it sometimes takes up to 4-5 days before I can do another session, simply because I know my dick is still destroyed from the night before. I’m an avid exerciser and know the importance of rest and tissue regeneration, and definitely don’t want to damage myself.

Like any guy on here, I’d LOVE for my first priority in life to be jelqing—after all, a bigger penis for many means a BETTER life. You can say all you want, but it’s shitty being slightly below average. However, given my current onset of insomnia, my first priority now has to be SLEEP—I’m on an endless quest to find it, so that I can resume a normal, healthy PE schedule and experiment with different methods.

So, I find myself at an agonizing standstill (for almost 2 months now). I’ll jelq, get either zero sleep or only 4 hours of sleep, and not be recovered by the next day (even with good sleep I’m an every other day kind of guy—my member gets pretty sore after sessions and I don’t like to push it for fear of losing EQ).

Anyways, the purpose of this post wasn’t to have people try and help me with insomnia or anything (although I know you guys like to help.). I’ve found that melatonin and some other strategies are slowly getting me back to normal (I hope).the point is, I would like to hear if anyone else has had struggles getting started and if/how you overcame these hurdles. I guess I want to feel inspired, and feel a sense of hope that one day soon maybe I will overcome mine. Because each day I can’t PE, I’m miserable! I’m frustrated because I know many people see results after 3 months, but I’ve spent three months struggling to even get started. I’ve got the dedication, but my body’s working against me!

Let’s hear your stories! (If you have them)

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Sorry to hear about the insomnia, I hope you get it sorted. Thought about sleeping pills? I’ve heard it’s easy to get dependent on them so maybe not the best idea.

You say you get sore after jelqing and that surprises me. How much intensity do you use? I am normally plump and warm after a workout but never sore from jelqing. Maybe you need to ease up?

01/08/12 BPEL = 7.2 EG = 5.25

01/09/12 BPEL = 7.5 EG = 5.5

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Thanks for the response Burst,

Yes I have considered sleeping pills. Went to the doc and got samples of Lunesta, but have yet to take them because, like you said, I’m worrying about getting dependent.
I have no clue what started my sleeping issues, but it’s scary. Some people say depression is a big cause, and I’m not the happiest I’ve been in a while—but that’s SOLELY because of my dick! So I’m in a quandry lol.. So far, melatonin has helped, but still find myself waking after 4 hours and having to work hard to go back to sleep, and interrupted sleep is not complete sleep (thus, not complete healing).

As for the jelqing soreness, usually if I do it right, I’m not too sore. I’ve found that right now about 180 jelques per session are good for me—220 jelques give me pains for days (bad pains, not progress pains). So usually, if I do it right, there’s not bad soreness but I can tell I’ve worked it out. I stick to every other day because I feel that one night isn’t enough to really heal up (at least for me and my body—my body is pretty frail and likes its rest). Maybe once I get some sleep and get more consistent, I’ll bump it up to 2 days on, 1 day off and see how I do.
I try and follow the ol’ “eggshell’ rule as far as pressure is concerned, but didn’t at first. Thanks for your input brah!

No worries mate, good luck

01/08/12 BPEL = 7.2 EG = 5.25

01/09/12 BPEL = 7.5 EG = 5.5

Goal BPEL = 8 EG = 6 and a fat flacid!

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