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Getting started need some help

Getting started need some help

Hello everyone,

I’ve been lurking on this forum for a bit, but I’ve finally decided to try it out, as there’s nothing to lose. I’m starting this thread to detail my progress, to ask general questions about concerns I have.

Let me start with my stats:

BPEL: 5.7”, NBPEL 4.5”, EG: 5.1”

In terms of my Cardiovascular health, I’m quite fit, I play soccer at a pretty high level. But I have a kinda crappy metabolism, its hard to get rid of all the lower stomach fat, plus I’ve put on a few pounds over the holidays, explains my NBPEL :( will be hitting the gym soon though.

I’m on here to give this a shot, I want a penis size I’m happy with. With that in mind this is my goal:

BPEL: 6.75-7”, NBPEL:6-6.5”, EG: 5.5”

I started a week ago, so this is my second week, this is my routine:

Warm wrap
Stretches (up, down, left, right, straight out) x 30 secs each
Rotations 10 reps
Jelqs 200 reps

5 on 2 off

I have a few questions:

Question 1:
For the stretches, I’ve read that you should hold an inch behind the glans and do it while fully flaccid. This is a little difficult doing fully flaccid for me because I am a grower and I have comparably large balls so its hard to grab without stretching it out a little first, is this OK?

Question 2:
Again, for stretches, I’ve read that if your are circumcised - which I am - you should pull your skin back. This seems to have the effect of bringing me to a bit of an erection. Therefore, is it ok to do the stretch without pulling the skin back?

Question 3:
Another one regarding stretching. When I stretch I can’t really say if I feel a stretch at the base of my penis or mid-shaft, or if its just my skin being stretched. Can some describe in details what I should feel and where?

Question 4:
Well its been a week I haven’t actually seen any PIs.. My dick doesn’t feel like it’s hanging lower, it looks like it returns to the same size almost immediately after.. I haven’t had any morning wood so far as a result of the exercises. Is it possible to see growth without seeing any PIs, am I going too easy, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for reading!

“Its hard to get rid of all the lower stomach fat” – actually it should be easy for someone who plays football at “a pretty high level”. Just eat less calories than you need, keep “right” macros and results will come. Give it some time.

Week is very short time in PE. If I were you, I would start slower. I mean, jelqs + stretches are too much for some beginners. Are you (your dick) well-conditioned (have you edge for some time?)?

Ad1. It’s ok. Make a good grip and stretch.

Ad2. No it’s not ok to do the stretch without pulling the skin back. Do it correctly or don’t do it at all.

Ad3. First of all - improve technique.

Ad4. Remain calm and wait. Don’t overdo it. Excessive exercising is a big danger to your dick, so start it slowly, be patient.

Well touché.although living in Canada doesn’t help, it really a summer sport here, and there’s no real pro frame work unless your in the big leagues. So when I say high I mean highest amateur level in the province.

But thank you for the response, will definitely use the advice.

On question 3, so you do have to pull the skin back, how much? So that the entire head is exposed or just a little?

Originally Posted by zmeister
On question 3, so you do have to pull the skin back, how much? So that the entire head is exposed or just a little?

Pull the skin back enough so that you’re actually feeling a stretch of the ligaments rather than stretching the skin, which will most likely mean exposing the entire glans. Be careful to not put undue pressure on the glans itself. If you start to get an erection, let it subside then resume. Your cock will learn to differentiate between work-time (PE) and play-time (sex or masturbation). There’s a bit of a learning curve to most of the techniques, so learn to listen to your body, and be patient.

Re: the fat pad, it’s typically the last to go when losing body fat. Several of us have slimmed down considerably and still have a fat pad, so don’t get discouraged.

Your starting stats are quite good, so carry on and good luck. And welcome to the forum!

:_pump: :donatecar

Thank you clgp7!

If anyone would like to provide any further input, please do.

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