Getting Organized

I have been using PE for about 5 months, on my own. Trial and error. Originally, I bought a novelty pump and cylinder and liked it. Next, I bought a Max-extender and found the noose very uncomfortable. Most recently, I purchased a Velseal cylinder (2.25 X 9). I’m considering buying an Autoext when Monkeybars starts offering them again. I’ve been hanging using a noose and 6 lbs. I’ve made a few bibs but I am seeing the benefits in extenders versus hanging. I will not use a noose again. This forum is very useful to get input on all the different devices and techniques. I’m about to order another cylinder (1.75 X 9 or 2 X 9) and will probably buy another Velseal.

One comment I would make in reference to making bibs with vinyl tubing is to use a heat gun to soften the vinyl. It also does a great job at smoothing out the cut edges. I doubt a hairdryer will get hot enough but it is worth a try if you do not have access to a heat gun.

Thanks for the forum Thunder and thanks also to all the informative members.