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Getting on it, for real

Getting on it, for real

Hey guys, so I’ve decided to dedicate time into enlarging my penis. I’ve tried to stay on it, but couldn’t go past 2 weeks straight, so I want to start fresh.

My measurements are 7.2 BPEL and 4.3 EG

Should I try to do the newbie routine till I stop making gains or is there a different routine for girth and a little length as well?

Also.. Could I warm up with a bathmate instead of a rice sock?

Bathmate is an exercise tool not a warmup tool, and you might want to go manual at first. I usually just use a hot shower to warm up for a Bathmate session.

Hi forgotten,

I’m glad you are taking on the lifestyle. Yes you should start with the Newbie Routine, then after a few months when the gains have slowed or come to a standstill you can either take a break for a couple of weeks and start back again or up the intensity, then move onto some more girth orientated exercises.

It would be better to warm up with a rice sock or a wash cloth if you can, when I use a wash cloth I count out sixty kegels then I know it’s time to reheat in a sink of fresh hot water, double tasking at its best. :)

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Hi forgotten” like behemoth says newbie routine would be best. I started out with jelqing alone for almost 2 years an gained .5 in length an .5 in girth. Lot of dedication though to get those gains. I’m sure this along doesn’t work for everyone though. I’ll just say this be care-full while jelqing its a real serious exercise . Believe me I’ve had my down time from it. Good luck:-) .

Sounds good, I’ll just go for the newbie routine for a month or 2, then go to intermediate exercises


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