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Getting more Foreskin Not Restoring it

Getting more Foreskin Not Restoring it

Does anybody know how I can get more forskin to more completely cover the glans when flaccid. I think I gained a bit in length through PE, but my foreskin hasn’t accumulated at all so I have it mostly exposed at all times.

Hi Thickrod,

The techniques used for restoring foreskin by stretching are really what you need to follow (not the surgical methods). There are plenty of threads on here about various stretching techniques which are quite successful. Look for several of the posts I have done in the past, as well as those by WestLA.

I have gained enough foreskin to cover my glans when I am both flaccid and semi-erect. Since I am lacking the frenulum band (removed during circumcision) my foreskin slides back easily when I am fully erect. Although you did not mention it, I assume you are intact, and therefore you’ll still have your frenulum band. If your frenulum band has become stretched and allows the foreskin to slide back easily, it can be corrected by a plastic surgeon (involves a tiny v-shaped incision to tighten the band).

Many of the taping methods for stretching foreskin work quite well, and cost practically nothing (tape and an elastic band with clips at either end, but they are tedious to put on and take off. There are easier methods.

One of my threads mentions a device you can purchase which works pretty well in stretching the foreskin. I just looked for the thread and cannot find it. If WestLA adds to this thread, I’m sure he can name the product. It has a “Q” in the name, I believe.

There are also small weighted devises which attach to the foreskin and can be worn all day, but they are fairly expensive as I recall (PUD is one such device).

Please feel free to PM me if you need additional information.

Best regards,

Relating to my previous post, here’s a correction and the link to the device I mentioned (it’s called a CAT II Q):

In my post I referred to the “frenulum band” and should have said “frenar band” (it was late and I was tired).

Okay, here is the link to the restoration device (cost is $75):

Hope this helps.


Thanks Damfino!

You’re welcome!

Perhaps the easiest of all would be to simply stretch your existing foreskin with your fingers each time you think of it (after a visit to the bathroom, before falling asleep, etc.). Maybe set aside a few minutes at the end of a PE session to pull/tug on your skin using your thumb and index finger.

I’m not sure how uniform the end result would be, because you’d have to remember to apply equal tugging all around, and not tug in the same place all the time. Tugging straight out in front of you (instead of out to the side) would minimize enlargement of the frenar band. I have seen photos of guys with 2-inch long foreskins who got that way from stretching this way. Not sure that’s what you desire.


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