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Getting length first?


Getting length first?

I’ve seen some threads about getting legnth before working on girth. So here’s my question. Which excercizes are best for just getting legnth first?

Stretching and jelqing. Use the search function, it’s faster and easier than waiting for replies.

Current: 8.0-8.25 BPEL (7.25 NBPEL) x 5.0 EGMS

Goal: 9x6 NBPEL

Not focusing on girth exercises like dry jelqs.

Length first. Then girth.

Go for girth. Women will feel that first on the way in

If you get girth first, you will almost certainly cancel out any length gains. Go for length first, then girth.

My advice is to do the newbie routine or some reasonably sane variation of it for a few months. Read past posts and gather all the info you can from here in the meantime. After a few months you’ll have a better idea of how you respond, and you’ll be able to adjust or focus your program accordingly.

Another possible variation to think about is switching between length and girth. For some odd reason that really works for me. If I do a bunch of uli’s for two weeks and get my girth to increase, I can then switch to dry jelqs and the small increase in girth transforms into an instant 1/4” gain in length. After all, volume is volume and it can really be changed around to how you want it. At least that’s how my dick functions.

I agree wholeheartedly with Hobby, but I just decided to toss in my own variation.

Length first.

So the best way to get length first is to just stretch?

Are you sure dry jelqs don’t give you girth too? My dick seems a little fatter after I dry jelq.I know it’s just swollen but I would think that it has girth gains too.right?

Length first is generally good advice. However, the choice may not be as significant as we think. Here are the statistics:

Does Big Girth Kill Lenght Gains?

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I’ve been just going for length, but I recently considered doing girth for 3 months and then length for 3 months, back and forth. Yet the experienced here lean that girth gains can interfere with length gains and I’m just unwilling to chance it now. So back to just length work for me, gladly accepting any girth that happens along the way.

Will a length only routine interfere with normal, god given girth?

Originally Posted by richandreward
Will a length only routine interfere with normal, god given girth?

Yes. It may enlarge it.

I’ve read on other sites (never here) that hanging makes one’s dick skinnier. This information can be readily found on sites selling some form of penis enlargement other than hanging.

The experience of hangers here is just the opposite. Hanging usually has no affect on girth, although length gains brought on by hanging are often accompanied by substantial increases in girth toward the base of the penis.

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