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Getting Harder Erections

Getting Harder Erections

Does anyone know how to get harder erection? I’ve been trying to keep in mind to do kegels to get harder controlled erections but I seem to forget to do it.

Performance wise, when I get out of focused for about 30sec when I am 100%, the erection goes down to 60%. Just wondering if anyone knows a good way to maintain 100% erection for long periods of time.


hi ju5taman,

i have a similar position with you. I can easily get erect but i sometimes could’t hold it. And it keeps going in my head and i can’t concentrate. it is psychological i know but there must be a solution.

I am waiting reply threads for this like you.

any opinions?

As you point out, kegels are the answer. Just do them whenever you remember: In the car, in the shower, while you’re tuning the points on your Harley.

You can use supplements too, there are many options there.

Hey Guys: What are your ages? As we age there are a couple of supplements that can really help—I know I’ve tried a lot of them. Here is my favorite. Avena Saltiva (Wild Oat Straw and buy a good brand 750mg), plus tribulus and again buy a potent brand, and 1000mg of L-Arginine. Try these in the morning and again about bedtime. Over time you’ll begin waking up with strong woodies and stronger erections when it’s time to play with the wife/girlfriend. It won’t happen overnight but after a month or so you’ll see the diffenrence. I even throw in a Yohimbe Plus in the morning and evening. The Avena Saltiva releases agents that uses the available testostrone in the blood. The tribulus enhances the body to produce a bit more testostrone. Uses of the L-Arginine and Yohimbe are a bit more complicated. Hope this will help—Steve

hi tennsteven,

i am 25, i have morning woods there is no problem. but the problem is psychological, i think. What can i do (other than kegel) to keep my erection hard even if i think about loosing it.

Take your pick:

1. mechanical - cock rings

2. pharmaceutical - Viagra, etc.

3. physiological 1 - make more nitric oxide, take L-arginine

4. physiological 2 - exercise the BC muscle, 150 Kegels every day

5. psychological - good porn or a partner who really stimulates you

ok, i think 3,4,5 will help.

thanks west. And i should search more about L-arginine.

In the long run, #5, AROUSAL. If you or your partner spend enough time getting you turned on, and you continue the arousal for a sufficient amount of time, I think you can stay UP indefinately.

I’ve experienced instances in which I could cum numerous times and my erection would simply stay standing, but only after a long period of continuous arousal.

A good diet, plenty of exercise, sleep well, less stress and lastly no tobacco! I’m an ex-smoker and noticed the difference pretty quickly after I quit.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

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