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Getting erection too easy, Disturbing workouts

Getting erection too easy, Disturbing workouts

Hello everybody,
I’m doing manual PE routine for about few months, still not consistently as I wish, but I’m getting into it,
Now, my problem during workouts is simple, I got too much percentage of erection, too easy, on every period of my workout; over jelqing, stretching and even while warming up.
The biggest and most disturbing problem is while stretching, I’m trying to stretch for 5 minutes in a row (for 3 sets), but every time, lets say in average after 20 seconds, the erection level goes automatically up which I feel makes the stretch less effective and I need to stop and let it calm down.. On jelqing it less problematic because I can manage a semi erection and still go on.
Anyway my stretching routines take me lots of time, because I need to wait every time that it will calm down, which is annoying.

I tried a lot of stuff , watching TV shows , movies , listen to music, still erection goes up while I’m stretching, I’m not that new I’m already few months into PE,

What would you suggest me to do to have a better erection control while stretching? (Of course I guess it will lead also to improve my jelqing routine)

Thanks for helpers,
Any advice will be welcomed,

Have an wonderful evening :-)

I have that problem while jelqing, I would jerk off or do a few Ullis or squeezes so my dick would get tired. I don’t know if its the right way, specially for a beginner like me.. What you guys think? Sorry if I am responding a question and making another one.

Well my friend, from my experience I can tell that jerking off before the workout didn’t work for me, and IMO it isn’t that beneficial, and maybe dangerous, last time I tried that it ended with ligaments/PC muscle pains for 2 days after.

I always think of Mickey Rooney and my erection almost turtles.

Though I’m not big into hanging now, this is a situation where an AFB would serve you well (as might any hanger/stretcher; I’m just partial to one that’s dead simple and dirt cheap).

But only IF - the big if - you can carve out the time and privacy that hanging requires.

I have this similar problem as well when I first started PE. However a few weeks into it, I think I manage to control my excitement and erection levels now. When I start to get high erection levels during jelqing, I just take a pause and do some kegels. I find that if I kegel hard and long (5-10secs) after I release it my erection level drops slightly. I don’t know if that is normal or not, but that’s how I control my erection level during jelqing.

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