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Getting Base Girth Gains


I have to apologize. I have been a lurker for so long, and never really wrote out or verbalized the experiences I have gone thru with PE. I want to state that I am not doing any sort of jelqing at 100% Maybe sometimes for a little. But all the jelqing I do I try to keep between 70 -90 % I am sorry I have gone back and forth and in the future I will be more mindful of what I write. In terms of the reverse jelq. When doing overhand I do it as a squeeze and push the blood in the same way you would a dry jelq. This is a smaller part of my routine, and am mindful not to squeeze to hard or anything. With all this negative talk about it, it got me to thinking more about the process I take and why. When I jelq, I am putting more effort in then this. Many more reps, and more pressure. For every 20 perfect jelqs I do, I do 5-7 reverses. (Also about 5 mid squeezes) The only thing I am shooting for is to get a good pressure in the base. I do not think it will cause me ED. It has never showed that sign, not once. ON some PE days I don’t even do it if I am pressed for time and only have time for Jelqs and stretches. I just do it as a way to sort of balance it out. I’m sure if some of you veterans tried it kind of slowly you’ll see it maybe isn’t so bad. I guess I’d have to try not to do it to see the difference. I don’t do it a super lot, but I think it might help my erection quality.

Thanks newguy2000 I’ll try some reverse jelqs.. Thanks for all the ideas guys. Good luck in your endeavors!


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