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Getting a harder erection

Getting a harder erection


I think that my erections arent as hard as they’re supposed to be because my dick got rock hard last night, but it was the only time I felt it that hard

Like usually it’s aloot softer.

Is there any type of PE exercise for harder erections ? Or faster Hard erections

Thanks in advanced.

Jelqing and Kegel’s are good for EQ.

Is it always that way even before doing PE? Because I guess EQ varies by individual. Some penises expand but it’s still soft. And yeah jelqing and kegels are good exercises for EQ.

I started doing PE because of decreased erection quality once I turned 55. I really didn’t expect that I would get any bigger, but I have and am.

I have found that PE does improve EQ, except when I overdo it. Then EQ suffers but recovers in a couple of days if I back off or rest.

The erections I get during the night or wake up with are the hardest of any I have and I think that is typical for most guys. Testosterone levels cycle a bit in most men and tend to be highest in the morning. I suspect being totally relaxed and not anxious has a good bit to do with it also.

And yes, do lots and lots of Kegels.

Thanks for the responses

Al give the kegels a try and jelqing

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