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Getting a grip with stretching

Getting a grip with stretching

Hi all. I’m new so have mercy:) I tried searching but its a hard problem to describe in few words.
I’ve been doing PE for about a month now and have a questionmark over the way I stretch. I’m uncircumcised, and have a sensitive head. Generally I find it hard to get a good grip for a stretch due to the size of the head when flacid, and the sensitivity of the head. So, rather than gripping just behind the head as recommended, I do something else: I get 10-20% engourged, so almost completely flacid. I then squeeze the bloody towards the head, like a dry-jelq. This gives me a ”knob” to grib onto and I get a great stretch as a result.

My question is, is this safe? I had concerns about the stress it puts on the head, which recieves a lot of blood pressure for a short period of time. Either way it works a lot better IN MY CASE, so I dont think I’ll change. Just thought I would check to be safe.

Hi Starch,

I’m also uncut, I know exactly what you’re talking about, have even tried the same technique and sometimes use it. In the first place you run the danger of rupturing a capillary in the glans due to the increased blood pressure, so be careful. Secondly, I don’t think the grip is good enough to get a vigorous stretch.

Try some talcum powder to get a firm grip the ordinary way, just behind the glans. It does help a lot.

Take care and keep us posted,

Check to see if you get any red spots on your head from your stretch technique. That would be a sign of high pressure. Even if you do, it is not a totally bad sign. Sometimes I can still get the red spots if I stretch very hard, or for extended periods of time. I don’t let the spots stop my routine, but I do back off on the pressure and/or time for a day or two.

thanks for your replies guys. I haven’t had red spots from stretching to date. I got it early on from jelqing, but thats stopped.

to be honest when i use the traditional technique i feel like im going to rip my head off! i know it sounds ludicrous, but I have genuine concern for it. Perhaps my particular unit is narrow at that point. the way im doing it now puts some of the pressure on the shaft and to me, feels a lot safer on my unit. I seem to be able to exert more than enough force on my ligaments.

Hi Gprent,

I used to get the spots during the first month or so. Never stoppped my training but reduced intensity/volume. Now, they are a thing of the past. Maybe is a matter of conditioning the dick.


It is highly unlikely that you’ll rip your head off. I’m a fairly strong guy and stretch with a good amount of strength. I think that the golden rule is to stretch as hard as you can without getting to the point of pain.

Take care,

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