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Get lenght

Get lenght


Since January, I’ve started with PE, but with some interrupts, that means I didn’t the exercises over the full period of this 5 months. I’ve also only worked with the newbie routine of luvdadus. So, now the time is here to do it a little bit more “professional”. My primary target is to get more lenght, my LOT is at approx. at 8 hour. So, what kind of exercises would you recommend me to get more lenght?


I recommend downward stretching mostly. I gained nearly 1” using it.

Soon to be 9''.

how long(time)?


how long do you hold each stretch? I think you don’t do only one stretch, and hold it for 20min.? Do you circles (moving) while stretching, or you only pull downward?


Hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds for each repetition. When you stretch downwards, try moving it around some. I can usually feel my ligs burning better from moving it around slightly while stretching downwards.

Was just reading this thread and read over SuperStroker’s variation to the downward stretches. I think that it is good advice and will implement this technique, and will try for a few weeks and see what results from it!

I might add, the variation that I perform is the JAI stretches, where I hold the stretch for two seconds, then relax for two, and so on. Lately, however, I have been holding the stretches for 5 seconds, and relaxing for two, and so on.

But I think that I will insert the little rotations into my stretching regimen. I believe it will become a more efficient stretch for me.


Thanks, SuperStroker

What do you think, 20min stretching are too much or too few? Should I also do some Jelquing and Kegels, or are this exercises not required for primary target Lenght? I think a HotWarp of 5min is also necessary, or what do you mean?



I say do either:

1. 15 minutes starting out, and increasing time to 20 minutes over 5 weeks.


2. Do 2 separate sessions during the day. In the morning, do 10 minutes of stretching, and at night, do 10 minutes of stretching.

And use those hot wraps! 5 minutes before and after is fine. Jelqing and kegels is a good idea. Jelqing is a good idea to do because some people gain length from jelqing, and also, it conditions your dick for when you decide to increase your time/intensity in your exercises (to prevent injuries).

Is the schedule from the beginner routine ok / necessary (2 days on, 1 day off) for recovering, or are there people which do everyday their routine?


does every1 do kegels for the entire time of the stretch, in any direction or any stretch??? like hold the pc muscel while u stretch


The beginner 2 on/1 off is good for recovery. You can also try other ways like 1on/1off, 3 on/1 off, 5 on/1 off, and so on. Some people respond differently (positively) to certain on/off day routines. Some even do girth exercises 1on/1off, while doing length exercises everyday. It’s all about finding out what works best for you. But remember, if your dick feels like it needs rest, then give it some rest.


When you do regular manual stretching or JAIs, you want to make sure that your PC muscle is completely relaxed. If the PC muscle is flexed, it becomes harder to get the most out of your stretch.

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