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Get a curved penis

Get a curved penis

Hello everyone :)

Was wondering weather it’s is possible to get en upward curve to your penis? (To better hit the G-spot)

Is it possible trough exercises?

Maybe take a look at this picture:

Don’t mention the pornographic in the picture, only the penis.

Can’t open link :S

Btw what is the size of that penis? Length, girth?

I don`t know about making it curve. But I was wondering is there way to straighten a curve?

I think I know how to create an upward curve. I heat my erect penis in the shower for about 10 minutes. Then with a 90% erection approx, I GENTLY bend the penis upwards, still holding the hot shower over it. I then hold this position for about 3 minutes, which can be quite hard on the arms. What I am trying to achieve, is a longer lower side of the tunica compared with the upper side. I am going on the fact that when collegen tissue(tunica) is heated to 5-8degrees above normal temperature, and then stretched with low force for a long duration(over 2 minutes), a permanent(elastic) lengthening of the fibres is achieved; somewhere around 1% increase. I have a very slight upward curve but want to make it more prominent.

If I could trade you mine I would. I’d rather have a straight one.

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I just started, but I do have to say a curved penis isn’t always that great. But if you really want to you should bow it when it’s in erection. This might hurt after a while but it works.

Yes, well I have just been researching, and have made some interetsing observations. Having a curved penis will give you an advantage in some positions yet a disadvantage in others. An upward curve hits the g-spot better in missionary, yet a downward curve hits the g-spot better in doggy. I guess most girls like doggy quite alot, so maybe a downward curve is good? I think it would maybe be best to have a straight penis after all, then adapt your position to target each wall, as apose to being great in some positions, but limited in others.

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