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Gentle heating throughout the day?

Gentle heating throughout the day?

Hey all

Just finished my exercises for tonight and had a thought. Once I’m done, and my warmdown has finished, my dick will cool to a temperature below the workout temperature and somewhere between ambient and body temperature. The reason we warmup and down is to get to a stage where circulation is increased, reducing the probability of injury and to speed up the recovery process - this is true of any physical exercise.

So I was thinking - what would the effect of constant heating throughout the day be? Any bruising would subside faster, and tissue damage brought on by exercise would repair quicker, in theory. My idea was this - because I’m relatively tiny when soft, I could wrap some sort of fabric, like part of a repurposed modified sock, around my penis and attach a air-induced heating pad to that. These things get to around 25-35*C (about 85*F), so with a little insulation, I could keep my dick at a comfortable ‘working’ temperature for up to 12 hours. The whole assembly could be held in place by slightly tighter fitting pants.


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Too much heating could have the negative effect on your testes? Might lower your sperm production rate. Just a hunch.

Although your idea for a heating element sounds interesting. I will ponder that myself.

Suspect the payoff is just not worth the hassle. And how to measure if it actually is what induces greater growth?

I’d want to make sure my circulation in general is good, and otherwise let the body’s natural temps control. We manipulate for a time, but let the body do its thing.

You also misunderstand the purpose of heating. There are a bunch of threads on the reasons for using heat in the main forum. You should go read them. (Hint: it’s about creating permanent plastic deformation in collagenous tissue.)

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