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Generic Newbie Thread

Generic Newbie Thread

Yes, I’m new here. Yes, I know this thread is annoying. Now that that’s out of the way…

Hi, I’m 19 and relatively new to the whole PE thing. I’ve been doing a bit of manual stuff for the last couple months. It seems to me that I’ve already gained a little, thought it’s hard to tell since I havn’t exactly been committed or scientific about it. I’m a standard 6 inches BP (as if I wasn’t generic enough) but closer to 5 inches NBP (I need to lose some weight…). Flaccid length is just embarrasing. I’ve already spent a few days reading the stuff on here, so don’t worry about me asking any idiotic questions.

You may berate me for being a dumb newbie… now.

Welcome to thunders BigBob, Jeez dont sneak up behind me again, it gave me the willies!

If you want to record your stats accurately, put them in Size’s data site. Good luck with the gains, melv :)


Hey Bigbob,

Welcome aboard! I’m a generic newbie as well. Best of luck in achieving your goals, and don’t let your rosy fresh-faced 19-year-old vim and vigour become too jaded too quickly. Guys here can be so gosh-darned worldy at times. Btw, reading’s a great place to start. Peace!


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