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general question about girth

general question about girth

Hey guys, I was wondering if girth gains depend on how hard you squeeze when you do jelqing.

Also, I have this problem of constant erections when trying to do jelqing. Even if I start out completely flaccid and start to jelq, i will end up getting a 100% erection. I know i’m suppose to wait until it subside but when it does and I start again, i get another erection. This erection problem is ruining my sessions and I want to give up jelqing al ltogether. Can someone please give me some insight to my two questions, thanks.

I find that when I jelq I sometimes have the getting an erection problem that you mentioned. I also have a problem with losing my erection while I’m doing erect exercises such as squeezes and bends.

This is how I handle it:

I’ll continue to jelq and if I get an erection I’ll start performing erect exercises (squeeze, bend, etc). I’ll keep doing the erect exercises until I don’t have enough of an erection to continue. At this point I start jelqing again. You can do this forever. If you stay flaccid the whole time you get a nice jelq session. If you stay hard you get a nice squeeze/bend session. If your erection comes and goes you get a great superset session.

It’s a win / win / win situation.

Hope this helps.


There is no replacement for displacement

When I’m not being impotent and I can jelq, I’ll be erect on and off through the session, but never totally erect. Maybe I jelq with my OK ring too tight, I wonder. When I jelq the pressure is so immense that it seems a total erection is impossible. Not only that, I can’t keep blood in my dick if I’m not horny. It’s hard as hell to be horny while standing in the bathroom tugging on my dick the way required with jelqing.

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How erect do you get? I jelq up to about 90% erect since my goal is girth.


There is no replacement for displacement

Have u thought of ejaculating before you jelq?

I think you can jelq with a 100% erection. More your penis is erected, more the girth gains will be important I think.

Less you are erected = more length gains
More you are = more girth gains

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