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General jelq question erectile dysfunction

General jelq question erectile dysfunction

Hi.just a general question.I suffer a bit with erectile dysfunction, not all the time and would like to jelq to maybe get a bit more blood this advisable or do I have to have a semi hard on.which is sometimes not possible and is there any other method to use. I don’t really want to take any pills and although I’ve left it a bit late in my life if I was able to get my penis back into normal mode a little bit of extra length wouldn’t go amiss.. So hence the jelqing.I have a pump as well but rarely have I used this.but I suspect that I’ve left it to late.any help would be greatly appreciated

First, help us. Start each new sentence with a capital letter. The way you write is hard for some of us to read. Like, it all scrambles together?

Jelk when you are feeling turned on. The best jelking session will happen when you have some engorgement happening in you cock; at least at “chubby” level.

If you have ED, there are reasons for that and you need to find out all you can about why your erections are erratic. Jelking may help a bit, but doing that will not cure you.



Hi Pete and welcome to the Forum.

I would assure you that you haven’t left it too late - We have guys here who are almost in the bath-chair age, and I have made gains.

Pills won’t do anything for your penis. Except give you short term erections. nothing permanent there I’m afraid.

The Newbie routine really is a good starting point. But with a touch of ED it is defininitely best to keep the pressure down.

Pumping would probably help, but again start off with something like 3 Hg ( I Hope you have a gauge) . - if not you would be doing yourself a big favour by getting one with a gauge. As too much vacuum would cause you to loose more erectile function, at this stage.

So Keep your mind in positive mode take care. and you should see some results.

Good luck!


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