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Gel-bag - Great Warming up alternative Check out

Gel-bag - Great Warming up alternative Check out

So I thought of alternative warming up method because cloth+hot water seemed ineffective and hard to perform without getting wet, while the rice sock seemed to complicated and I ain’t had rice at home :P

So you need to spend some cash on it, but later you’ll find it great. It’s called warming gel kept in a silicone bag that keeps heat very long. My dad used it for his back aches. All you have to do is boil some water. Put it away to cool a bit, then but the gel-bag for 1 minute. After is it’s freaking HOT so you can’t apply it right away. It stays super warm for about 5 minutes,maybe up to ten if you cover it with something warm (when I grip the bag around my dick with my hands I feel it’s even warmer!), so all the heat will be delivered to your dick. At the time I’m posting it It’s been 5 minutes on my unit and it’s still quite warm. Good thing is it’s simple, quick and dry. I have no idea where to buy It because my dad had it with some other back-ache devices. As soon as I finish my PE right now I’ll search the Internet for it.

Hi again. My first post is chaotic and random. I was in hurry writing it. So here is how my gel pack looks like:

Http:// (found on Google. It’s not exactly the same, but it doesn’t matter)

So you can warm it up in microwaves or hot water. It stays hot for around 5 minutes. Just enough to do the warming up.

I guess it costs around 3-4$ in the drugstore (~2 pounds on e-bay).

I’m not certain, but I think wet heat is the best heat.

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It seems to differ from people to people.

The best I think is an Infrared Lamp, you can keep the lamp on even while P.Eing.

So constant heat supply.

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IvanDrago: Yeah, I thought so also, that wet heat makes your skin more moisture and fatter, but I think water or wet “environment” in which you warm up your dick isn’t important. One of the Warm up methods described here is rice bag, It doesn’t have water and works for some people, so I guess wet isn’t important that much.

I have something very similar, sold to me as a hot/cold sports compress. I’ve also seen these billed as I.C.E./heat re-usable gelpacks. Relatively cheap at any sporting goods store. I bought mine for less than $10.00 at the local big five. Works awesome.


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