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Hello all I have just been thinking about those gains like when a guy write he has gained one inch in 3 month, and another
Guy gained “only” half an inch in 3 month. Well keep in mind that some are bigger to start with so there fore have
More tissue to grow. Lets say you grow 10% in 3 month of what you have. Then a guy who has 5.5 inch to start with
Would end up with 6.05 inch a growth of 0.55 inch and a guy who has 6 inch to start with would end up with 6.6 inch
A growth of 0.6 inch witch is more that 0.55 inch but still both did have a growth of 10% so actually they gained the same.
Keep that in mind when you compare your gains to others :-) .

Ok yes jelq and lube, well I use ( you might laugh ) Olive oil from the super marked because I think it have the right consistency
It’s fat and very smooth. I used baby oil etc but to me it’s too “thin” and Vaseline well I think it too “thick”.

Thank you for reading

Keep up the “hard” work

There is no way to rationalize how much you might grow, no matter where you are starting from.

Believe it or not, olive oil is a popular choice for a lube.

I use olive oil - it’s fantastic. Good for the skin, and good the pubes. :)


Yup Olive oil is great :-) hmmm peopel might think I cook a lot ;-)

Yeah: cheap, natural, comes off quick, has no unnatural shit in it, good for the skin, good for the pubes, and there’s lots of it!

I never put too much validity in individual gains since it has been my experience that people measure their penis in some very unscientific fashions. I would bet if you put six people in a room with a steel tape measure and the average PE patron you would get six different measurements. You would think it should not be that difficult to lay a straight edge down and follow the gradations but, alas, pictures will tell a different story.

There needs to be a fixture invented from common household items to eliminate the erroneous measure. So, instead of BPEL, it would be e.g. SpongeMeter (SM) clamp-style sponge jaws at base of penis with appropriate scale with coronal crown at the end. No more cheating. Alas, we have no scale for empirical studies. Just a thought.

Banned for posting bullshit again - previously Salvo

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