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Gains !

Gains !

well I have been PEing for 2 months now and have gained 1/4 inch In length
And 1/8 Inch in girth.
I accomplished this through manual strech and wet jelqing.
Going to build a wench and see how that goes, Thanks everyone for the info,
I read everyday and learn something new.

start, bpel-6 3/8 eg 4.5
now, bpel-6 5/8 eg 4 5/8

Is there any excercises that target the corpus spongiosum, Mine seems small.
Did a search but came up with nothing, maybe I worded It wrong?

Good job!:clap:


Funny, I was searching on that earlier.

I remember reading that jelq help with that.
I think when yo advance up in the power of your jelqs, that where it starts to get bigger.

I too want a big meaty CS.


Dry jelqing

And try not to pump up your veins. Concentrate on the corpus spongiosum. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. You can jelq just the corpus spongiosum with allot of pressure and it doesn’t hurt. But if you pull a vein while you have that pressure it will hurt like hell. And it will be a sharp pain. I dry jelq with 100% erection (very slow) with no pain because I concentrate the pressure on the corpus spongiosum and keep it off the veins.

With dry jelqing I can feel whats going on better. I’m able to put the pressure where it needs to be. But thats just me. Sounds like your doing good. I would keep doing what works until it doesn’t work anymore.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I also dry jelq 100% erect! But only for a short period as I am training my penis, I want to gradually build it up!! After doing a few strokes I just shake my penis and let the blood flow back again, and then start again

I have to revise my above post. There is no way possible to jelq 100%. I was having sex with my wife. I went to the bathroom during grabbed my 100% erection and it was harder than a rock. Maybe it’s just me but I cant really get 100% alone. I’d say my “100%” alone jelqing was more like 90%.

Also I have decreased presser and not applying as much and doing higher reps. Your hands can only take so much.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Great stuff! This stuff is great when you know you’re doing something right eh?

Genitals prefer Blondes

Thank you for the replies, i will certainly try the dry jelq!

Keep you posted on any gains.

Ive been looking for the same thing, i tried ULIs and Horse440s but the one thats working best for me is the Jelq Squeeze.

Abril ´04 BP 15.8 x EG 11.4 // Marzo ´06 BP 19.6 x EG 12.5 // Sept ´07 BP 20.3 x EG 13

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Congratulations on your gains ludwig! I hope to have gains similar to yours, been at this less than a month now. I beleive!

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