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Gains you can reasonably expect from newbie routine

Gains you can reasonably expect from newbie routine

Hi all,

I am wondering on average how much can you reasonably expect to grow just using the newbie routine?

I’m currently 7” BPEL and 5.25” EG and would like to get to around 8” BPEL and 6” EG. Any ideas if this is possible and how long do you think this may take?

To be quite honest, I ask this because the other more advanced techniques like hanging and clamping scare me a little..



I gained about 1/2 inch BPEL and 1/4 inch EG in about 3 months from newbie alone. I think this is about the average gain with newbie. Results vary greatly from what I have seen on this site.

My bottom line recommendation for all newbies. First - Do a penis inventory (see the posts about this). Second - Read, read, and read more about this subject. This is not for everyone and is not a quick fix for anything. It takes time and you can hurt yourself so be aware of the risks. Third - start with the newbie routine! Keep doing the newbie routine for at least 3-4 months or more. Do the newbie routine at least this long or until you are not gaining any more, which ever comes later.

Welcome to the forum and the world of PE. Take care and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

Hi there casio, I’ve been PEing for about 4 months and have gained 0.6 inches length and 0.15inches girth (can see stats below). I suspect I could have gained more but as I haven’t been very consistent with my routine at all. I just jelq (5-14min) and do a little stretching(2-4min). I would say in a year you could expect to gain 1-1.5 inches length maybe. So if you just did the newbie routine for a year then I’m sure you’ll get to 8” BPEL easy. Girth is more difficult. It is recommended to work on length first and then girth later as if you work on girth first you may have trouble getting the length afterwards. Something to keep in mind. I would say that you might get around 0.5” girth in a year. Hard to tell.

You should have a read of this thread
NEW newbie + advanced routine

And maybe this one
Movin On Up
Don’t read the whole thread of course but it’s a good example of great gains from only jelqing.

And what 4foreskin said above, do LOTS of reading. Good luck :)

Started (01/01/2012): G 4.85, BPEL 6.4, NBPEL 5.8

Now (01/05/2012): G 5.00(+0.15), BPEL 7.0(+0.6), NBPEL 6.4(+0.6)

Goal: G 5.5in, NBPEL 7.5in

Thanks for the replies.

I’ll take your advice 4Foreskin and do a full penis inventory. I’ll also keep it easy for a while, keeping check of PI’s and EQ.

Nzkea, that would be great if I could achieve gains of 1 to 1.5” in a year. I suspected that girth would take longer, and does make sense to aim for length first, so I’ll do that.



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