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Gains without hanging?

Gains without hanging?

Is there any member here who has got really good gains without hanging? With “good gains I mean more than 2” or so.


Yes, from pumping and jelqing mostly.


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Yes, from jelqing and stretching.


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Yah from surgery!!!

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D

jelqing and stretching, holds etc.

I don’t know how “good” 1.6” is, but that’s what I’ve gained from exclusively manual PE - although it took me a long time (22 months).

Ideally, I would recommend you stick with manual for about 6 months or so - getting as many gains as you can - then go to hanging (provided that you have the time & privacy to perform an effective hanging routine).

Hanging seems to be an excellent way to make significant length gains - provided that you can sacrifice hours per day with iron dangling from your dong.

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