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Gains with Routine vs Extender

Gains with Routine vs Extender

Hi Guys,

I’m a complete newbie here and I am going to start PE in 2 weeks. My goal is to gain as much as possible in the shortest amount of time :)

I have the feeling that people can gain more with an Extender than with the Routine, am I right?

Plus, I would like to know if it’s possible to wear an Extender while wearing a suit at work, and if yes which one would you recommend?

Do the newbie routine for 3 months, then decide where you wanna go. Forget about the extender.

Sept 2008: 6.0 X 4.9

Sept 2012: BPEL: 7.125 x 5.125

Nov 2015: Returned, stats unknown.

Fastest gains possible? You do realize the average gains are going to end up being around 1/16” per month or less than 2cm, IF YOU’RE LUCKY! Most guys have their best gains the first year and then maybe reach their goal in 5 years, MAYBE. Provided they don’t do to much and end up burning out first.

Forget the extender and any penis pills or magic fixes here! Master the basic manual exercises first like dry jelq, the wet jelq, and various stretches. Then in about one year, yes ONE YEAR you can play around with different equipment. BUT only after you’ve fully learned how to do the basics with just your hands, some lube, and a hot water.

Same goes for bodybuilding and working out. You could “feel strong” working with machines and sitting or lying down for every exercise, OR you could earn your strength and size working with your bodyweight until you master one-arm pushups, pullups, handstand pushups etc with added weight. Don’t cheat yourself by looking for easy quick fixes like gadgets and steroids….. You add strength and size to both your penis and your skeletal muscles by working hard and being intelligent about how you train. I strongly believe sometimes the old ways are best.

Don’t even think about using an extender under your clothes at work. People will notice eventually and you do not want to explain to HR why you had to fidget with yourself during a meeting because you adjusted the extender wrong. Besides you need a lot more rest from PE than you think. Your healing ability depends on your nervous system among many other things, and you just can’t heal as fast if your stressing yourself out with PE and your penis is always bruised and sore. In fact wearing an extender all day everyday is the surest way to kill your sex life if you’re not careful…… Iron Penis monks do this to destroy their ability to have erections!

Bpel: 8", Bpeg: 6", Mbeg: 5.75", Meg: 5.5", Aheg: 5.25", Heg: 4.5" - 11/18/11

Bpel: 8", Bpeg: 6", Mbeg: 5.875", Meg: 5.63", Aheg: 5.38", Heg: 4.75" - 5/18/12

Bpel:+1/4", Bpeg:6", Mbeg: 5.875", Meg:+1/16", Aheg: +1/16", Heg: +1/16" - 6/18/12

If you want a killer bodyweight routine, look no further than Convict Conditioning and Convict Conditioning 2 (thepiratebay). It was written by a guy who spent over twenty years in prison and while he was there he gained some decent size working with every athlete behind bars. It’s a great read and the exercise order will keep you getting stronger on your way towards full one arm pullups/pushups/shoulderstand pushups etc. It’s awesome! A close second best is Overcoming Gravity, written by a damn good gymnast.

Special diet? You must be talking about some of the work I’ve done recently to reverse tooth decay and help with bodybuilding. Improvements in PE only came as a result, not the intended outcome. Basically, I found you only need the RDA for protein (about 60g) for bodybuilding to see growth. Believe it or not natural bodybuilders don’t work as hard as they claim and actually, get this……. I found some studies suggesting they can get away with less because they are more efficient at utilizing protein. No matter how much protein you eat you can only use so much for muslce tissue before the rest is transfomed into glucose or starch and stored. So the recommended 1.5-2g per pound of bodyweight are ridiculous nonsense, the only people who actually need more are likely to be field workers and people who do labor all day every day like steelworkers and miners. You could eat just a little with every meal and never become protein depleated or lose size…… you would need to seriously overtrain for that! Fat, on the other hand I believe to be a misunderstood important nutrition. You need cholesterol to think and have normal levels of testoserone as well as grown healthy bones and teeth. It’s all relative to your caloric need but you can have egg yokes and butter and see your cholesterol go down, PROVIDED insulin levels are stable over time. That’s where going slightly hungry for a couple extra hours a day comes in handy. I mean it’s not for everybody, but then again only someone who’s insane would walk into a gym after starving for two days straight and completely crush every PR that day….. It was kinda cool but the headache wasn’t worth it. Now I just go 12-16 hrs and save money by not eating lunch at restaurants….. I’ve gained muscle because of it. Check out for more. And then when it comes to the last 1/3 piece of the puzzle I believe in not over consuming carbohydrates beyond what you need to keep you going. I’m gluten sensitive so I don’t eat a lot of bread, and I don’t eat whole wheat breads/brown rice/unfermented unsprouted grains because of the phytic acid content (worsens tooth decay). So I mainly stick to a low-moderate protein/low to high carbohydrate (depending on my needs the next day)/high saturated fat diet and the results are better now than when I was downing ass loads of protein powder, chicken breasts, and rice.

If you don’t believe this will work for you I challenge you to skip breakfast and tell me you don’t feel faster and smarter around the afternoon. If you want to take it further try drinking 4 eggs blended into a cup of full fat milk and warmed in the microwave for a few seconds. You want to take it even further eat some calf liver. You’ll feel the effects after about an hour when you feel full but somehow you’re just pissed off and feel more in charge. The only down side of this I have to warn you about is you won’t experience these surges all the time. I’m still playing around with different diet approaches, but so far I noticed that surge comes back from a day of fasting or else a couple days eating almost no animal protein.

Sorry if this confused you. I’m really big on using different diet approaches to take the place of supplements. Let food be your medicine.

Bpel: 8", Bpeg: 6", Mbeg: 5.75", Meg: 5.5", Aheg: 5.25", Heg: 4.5" - 11/18/11

Bpel: 8", Bpeg: 6", Mbeg: 5.875", Meg: 5.63", Aheg: 5.38", Heg: 4.75" - 5/18/12

Bpel:+1/4", Bpeg:6", Mbeg: 5.875", Meg:+1/16", Aheg: +1/16", Heg: +1/16" - 6/18/12

” My goal is to gain as much as possible in the shortest amount of time :) ” I will stick my penis out here and say most of us have that goal! , Lol. You have come to the right place for advice and support.

Do not take Life too seriously, You will never get out Alive !

Extenders are great, why would you “forget” about them. The fact of the matter is that if you try to gain quickly you’ll end up hurting yourself most likely. Extenders dont make you bigger faster, although they do help tremendously in the long run, but if you’re set on a being a hare then I get that you would probably not like one. True PE is always for the long term anyway, IMO.

And you don’t HAVE to wear them for 12 hours a day. Those conditions were in a clinically prepared setting and that is all those guys did for 6 months. A more realistic view (if you are a moderately busy person like myself) is an average of 10-14 hours per week. Myself, I average about 12 so far in my second bout of PE compared to my first bout where I averaged 24 hours a week.

The first time I used an extender (and this was 5-6 years ago), I gained a half an inch in length in about 5 months.

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