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gains while on a break

gains while on a break

I`ve been on a break from PE one week now. Have done 20-25min stretching and 10min jelqing and some pressure jelqs before.

Now my dick looks longer when I look down and fatter at the base. I’m afraid to measure because the last time I did I was sad for 1 month.

Is it really possible to gain during breaks?


The gains existed before you took the break, but tissue stress and muscle fatigue will have stopped them from being realised until now.

This is the Non-Action Phallacy. As Sophomoric mentioned, your gains are showing now because your penis is not stressed. However, the gains are due to the exercises you have done. Therefore it is critical to remember that you aren’t doing better without the exercises. Some people stop PE for a deconditioning break, notice that their unit appears larger, erection quality is good, and say, “To hell with PE.” Sorry but this logic will render disaster. Nonetheless, I realize you aren’t suggesting quitting. But I am making this note for anyone who reads this thread, to whom it may serve as a reminder or heads up.


It also suggests you’ve been over exercising; i’m guessing you know this however due to the break :)

Thanks guys! I`m guessing that breaks are not to be taken often. I had this week off because I`ve had no free time.

I don`t think i was over training. But I do feel sore at the base after a good stretch session :D I see that as a good workout sign

Sophomoric makes a good point: if your PI’s are better during a break, you very well may be straining yourself during routine exercises.


Decon breaks are also helpful when tyring to make gains again after you hit plateau.

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