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Gains show up after break


Gains show up after break

Hey everyone,

I decided to start the PE again today.

I measured my BPEL and noticed that it was a 1 full centimeter bigger (1/4”)!

Funny thing is that I have been off of PE for a few weeks now. Perhaps, almost a month!


Anyway, I’m going back on a diet of high proteins, arginine to loose weight.
I’m going to stay away from ejaculation.

I will be doing the newbie routine (as best as I can)

Lots of Kegels.

And traction.


I’m not being a skeptic but did you measure exactly the same way you did before you went on your one month PE break. 1/4” is a substantial gain on a break.



I don’t get it myself.

Same ruler, same tape measure.

If anything I should be back down to my original size.

Even stranger is that the increase is equal to what I was stretching up to while doing ADS, but my erection during that time may have been a little bit bigger than normal, at best.

Still can’t figure it out. I’ve measured a few times.

I probably shouldn’t be complaining, but I can’t believe it myself, and it just seems wrong.

Anyway, has anyone else experienced something like this?

I will say that even during my break, I was still sore.


Maybe you injured yourself before you went on your month break if you were sore during the break and you didn’t know it. Perhaps the lig it healed in an extended position (this is good). By the way, did you measure the day before you went on your break?

This is very interesting. I been contemplating a break; however, I need to be convinced that there is a benefit in length/girth gain other than cementing the gains that have been made already.



Interesting theory Deluxe. You might be right.

Actually, I was using the ADS with a lot of tension. I tried to use the thing for the full day, but to no avail. On-and-off, and Off-and-on for a few hours only.

When I kept adding more tension, I was able to stretch farther than my EL.

In fact, the highly stretched length is equal to my new EL.

The possibility of injury was that damn balloon thing I made and it SNAPPED on the sensitive skin. I also was suddenly pressed for time.

I guess that an internal injury is possible too.

My routine was:

Wake up, clamp, massage (often to climax)

Later, ADS or Clamp throughout the day.

I noticed that CLAMPED I was shorter, but thicker. Stretched Longer but thinner. EL/EG respectively.

I dunno, it’s all very confusing .. But there it is.

Perhaps, like in BodyBuilding, when you take small breaks you heal the small injuries to promote fiber growth and get bigger and stronger.
When you take an extended break, the body fully heals.

Another idea:
(Can’t remember what it was called) When you hold a weight that is your MAXimum for 30 seconds, as opposed to doing sets with lower weights, you workout your muscles to failure quickly. Thus, sending a signal to repair the area quickly.

Ok, I did PE for 2 months and I stopped a month ago due to injury. I went today to my GP and I am taking now some medicine. Once I recover I will measure my penis and if I have some gains due to the break I will let you know.

Some guys have a tendency to show considerable growth during/after a ‘break’. These people advocate regular interruptions of PE to allow the penile tissue to fully recover. Others – of whom some are self admitted ‘PE addicts’ – advise everyday exercises. My genetics put me squarely in the former camp - as too, I believe, most pre-nano tech humanity also would.

Imagine if you will, what transpires physiologically when you stretch: the micro-tissue organisms break apart due to exposure to high tension. These cluster of cells then start to repair themselves. The claim of PE is, fundamentally, this: the body will produce/repair more tissue and perhaps to a higher standard, as it slowly ‘conditions’ itself to the regular exposure to tension.

Hence ‘deconditioning’ periods – a self inflicted variable break from PE intended to get the penile tissue used to slacking off. Hence, also, the ‘ADS’ - or All Day Stretcher: theory has it, if you keep a worked-out penis in an elongated state while it ‘conditions’ or repairs itself, it will permanently take upon that extended form. The ADS is an invention to keep the penis in that state.

I hope this clears up anything you wanted to know. :)

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I agree that there are a lot of variables in PE - mental, genetics, supplements, diet and the different types of exercises whether it be manual or aided by equipment. My policy has always been to introduce one variable at a time to determine the effectiveness of an exercise, device or supplement. I graduated from the most simple of routines like edging and basic jelqing/stretching to introducing herbal supplements and clamping. This controlled approach has work for me and has minimized my frustration and impatience thus weeding out what doesn’t work for me. I also subscribe to focusing on weaknesses thus introducing clamping to focus on girth gains - this has work for me.

With this said, I notice that you have been using multiple advanced methods such as an ADS and clamping. Perhaps this combination of clamping and ADS, has merit in the providing gains; however requiring a longer period for recovery resulting in your gains.


Beasty One,

Very well stated.


Deluxe, what kind of herbal supplements do you take?

Beastly One, I agree with you entirely.
Note that exercise bootcamps only last 6 - 12 weeks and any (good) gym will admit that your gains, or weight loss, mostly occurs within those first 6 - 12 weeks. I believe it was ModestoMan compiled a graph that proved this. The first 500 hours gave the best gains, the a long plateau.

I find that even if I am working out to loose weight the results are DEFINITELY within the first 6 weeks, with lots of breaks.

Today my routine:

I used yet another method to affix the ads. I would post all these variations, but they seem to change everyday. I used a condom, different sized silicone rings and the ads.

Traction for 1.30minutes (I’m using a proper timer now. I’m realizing that what I thought was x hours is far more than the actual). The traction was very high. The unit was loose enough so the arteries could breath better. I decided to remove it anyway.

I immediately clamped to a 110% erection for a good 15 min. Lots of edging therein. I measured the clamped girth to be 0.5” more (as expected when you clamp)

Eventually, I removed the clamp and climaxed. Funny thing is, I retained most of the erection for a LONG time afterwards. Perhaps the increased blood flow aided in repair?

All being said, it was very satisfying, as I felt all the ligs and muscles for a good while afterwards. Just like a good workout.


As an experiment I began taking Magna-RX about a month ago for the purposes of maintaining enhanced blood circulation after my daily PE; I wanted to maintain the engorgement and blood flow for recovery purposes. Note that I’m not taking this herbal supplement expecting girth or length gains - this is just a supplement; food for the dick if you will. So far it definitely has enhanced the appearance of my dick in the flaccid state - definitely a positive PI.


Originally Posted by phantasm
measured my BPEL and noticed that it was a 1 full centimeter bigger (1/4”)!

I thought an inch was 2.54cm, not 4.

Start: 6.3 BPEL x 4.5 MSEG & 4.5 BSEG

Now: 7.7 x 4.7 x 5.5 BSEG

Goal: 8 x 6

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