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Gains in 2 weeks

Gains in 2 weeks

I’ve been a PE’r for 2 weeks now. It seems I’ve gained 1/8” in length and a 1/4” in girth. Is that possible? I’m now up to 6 7/8 EL and 5 EG at mid-shaft. I measured the base of my penis for the first time today and that was 5 3/4”. My goal is 8”x 6”. If this is possible I’ll be one happy mofo! Who needs enlightenment if you can have a big dick?

I read some Taoism book about 20 years ago. They had a penis enlarging exercise. You we’re supposed to get an erection, make an okay grip at the base, then pull out a short ways enlarging the penis. Then slowly make a circular motion with the hand clockwise, then counterclockwise 15 times each. DO three sets of those.

Anyone heard of this?

I quit after few days thinking it was all bullshit. If I would have known it worked I’d be frickin’ huge by now.

PS: This is a great forum. Tons of excellent knowledge in the data bases.


Yes, it is possible

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Damn, you are new.


It is possible, but unlikely. What’s more likely is that you just didn’t measure very well. It takes a while to get the measuring thing down. Keep on measuring, keep on exercising: it sounds like you’re gaining!

Your “ancient Chinese exercise” sounds a little like a JAI, to me.


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