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Gains in 2 months and NEED HELP

Gains in 2 months and NEED HELP

First I would just like to thank all of you here for everything that people contribute!! I am always researching and learning on this site, so thanks. I have been lurking around here for some time. At the begging of the new year I began to take PE seriously and have been PEing since the middle of January. I had been consistently PEing for roughly 2 months and a week. As for my routine, stretching 5 days a week and Jelq every other day. Eventually I started incorporating pumping, and just combined it with my jelq routine.(pump/jelq) I also have been using the Penimaster 5-6 days a week minimum of 4 hours a day. My problem is that at the time I was Peing consistently I had a fair amount of free time and was almost never interrupted. Now my girlfriend who lives with me has quit her job and is always around, my brother has also come home from college, and I live at home with my family of 5 not including me. So to sum it up people are always around. Even when I can get away for a minute my girlfriend will pop up out of nowhere talking about “what ya doing?”, and I have also stopped using the Penimaster because I am deathly afraid of her reaching down there and finding this device attached to me. I am afraid of losing my gains or even being set back. I am so happy that I actually gained in this amount of time and don’t want to ruin my chances of making even bigger gains. So if any of you guys who live with your family can share with me what it is you do or any ideas at all I would appreciate it very much.
Any and ALL recommendations, ideas and tips will be very appreciated


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Thank you

You need to tell your girlfriend about your PE. She will likely be very understanding and supportive, and your worries about her barging in on you will be over.

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Yeah, guess you need to tell her, just as para already stated. In such a crowded place, I think you need at least 1 supporter that might cover your ass so that suspicion from others can be targeted. If you can’t do the jelqing, at least stick to the stretching, e.g. in the shower or whenever you need to go for a piss.

Tell her. Being truthful in a relationship is always a good thing. From a woma’s POV (and correct me if I am wrong here ladies), if you are secretive about PE what else are you hiding from her. If you can hide one thing you can hide many things. My wife and I had this conversation last night. Even though I told her about PE I am still secretive about the way I do it. I don’t let her know when and where and how, and she still feels like we are hiding something from each other. So from now on I am not going to try to wait till she is out of the room to get my wrap or my clamp. I am going to be open with her. And she is going to be open with me as far as her BE program is concerned (cause she does massages and stuff).

My advice to you is be as open and honest as you can with her. It will only strengthen the relationshp. And in the process make PEing much easier and more profitable. Good luck to you.



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