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Gains from only stretching

Gains from only stretching

What gains can I expect from only stretching? No jelqing, etc. Thanks.

You’re going for length only, hp?

I found that I gained a quick ½” from manual, but the real length gains started to come when I started hanging. Like many hangers, I also got an increase in base girth.

If you’re dead set on manual, you can make some decent gains, but there are practical limitations like grip strength/fatigue, etc.


1/4 inch a month if done properly
the key is to keep constant pressure on it
i recomend getting some golf weights from monty to use in between hanging sessions
just dont let the ligs heal completly

monty’s site is

Originally Posted by samus318
1/4 inch a month if done properly

But don’t expect 3 inches in a year. :D

Seriously 1/4 inch in your first month isn’t out of the question but it will most likely slow down after that. Unless of course you tear the **** out of your ligs like one of our members here.

That reminds me, where is ole ys anyway?


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