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Gains during semi deconbreak

Gains during deconbreak light

After about a year into my PE journey I thought it was time to take a deconbreak, I have not experienced much growth lengthwise in this period, but a nice portion of girth. I have tried to stick with the newbie routine, but have most likely gone a bit overboard along the way. This may explain the lack of gains. Anyway, about a month ago I decided to take a break due to exams and and other time consuming activities. Here is what happened.

After a week or so, my erections started to get much better, and I experienced morning erections, something I usually don’t do. I also experienced sporadic erections for no reason during the day.

Two weeks into the break, probably less, I could no longer resist the urge to do some light PE here and there. I then realized that my BPEL had gone up 0.5 cm, that is more than I had grown in total before the break. The most surprising thing is that my BPFSL is now finally longer then my BPEL, I have read that this may be an indication of gains to come. What makes me so exited is that my BPFSL now is almost 2cm longer then my BPEL four weeks into my deconbreak(light).

I don’t quite understand what’s going on, but I think this is a really strong indication that I have been overdoing things right from the start. Now I will just keep my light routine until things slows down again. Maybe I’m a late bloomer.

I wonder if anybody else have experienced similar things, and if it led to BPEL gains?

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My biggest erections are always on my days off, probably because your penis has fully recovered.

I guess that is part of the BPEL gain, but I don’t think it explains the gain in BPFSL, or maybe it do?

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