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Gains come gains go

Gains come gains go

I’ve only been PE’ing for a month, and for all newbies and skeptics out there it really does work. I’ve gained .5” EL and my penis appears thicker as well. I’m going for mostly length, so girth I am measuring after a few months. This is great, however I’ve stopped PE for a week due to going on vacation. When I returned, I found I already lost .25” EL. Do gains generally leave this quick?

It’s sensible to use stable measurements, after a rest period. You’ve just taken one and you’ve gained 0.25”. Now make sure all your subsequent measurements are taken after a rest period of at the very least 2 days.

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I measured numerous times on different days to make sure it was a .5” gain. Even though I initially gained very quickly, I thought it was a very short time period to lose that much length.


A jump of a full half inch in 30 days: now that’s a fast grower :-)

I guess you should not worry about that quarter-inch “loss”.
First of all we all have a certain measurements variability, mostly depending on EQ.
Second: even a quarter inch in a month is very, very fast gains.
Third: the first months we all encounter the usual Newbie growth spurt. It just seems your spurt is a real sprint :-)

Now when it comes to maintaining gains, it is in my opinion quite clear what happened.
You just had started to condition your dick to the training impacts of PE.
Then suddenly the impacts are missed by Mr. Dick. He “thinks”: OK, lets return to normal then if the squeezing and jelqing is no longer on my menu plan.
This happened maybe a little quicker because the initial conditioning phase was rather short - 4 weeks is not a long time for the sensible part of flesh we all carry around.

It is always hard in certain moments to go on because of the circumstances (missing privacy being probably the biggest issue).
What I have learned from the vets is to keep at least a little maintenance routine (piss pulls, some discreet low force stretching in bed, a little jelqing under the shower) if time and privacy are hard to get.
Like that you keep up the awareness of your dick that the exercises are not over, it’s just a resting period for him.

Consequence: simply pick up where you left and go on with the routine, it seems to be a winning one.

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Thanks for your replies. I’ll do some stealthy maintenance next time.

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