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Gains are starting to slow, now what

Gains are starting to slow, now what

I have been doing the newbie routine since december 30th. I made nice gains at first but now I feel that my gains are starting to stop, I have slowly increased my jelq routine to a time of 25 minutes per session. My member doesnt feel fatigued after workouts as much any more and I feel that my gains have stopped. I feel like it’s time to step things up in my routine but I don’t know what to move to, right now I am 7.2x5, I want more length and more girth especially. I have been looking into hanging alot and I have decided to buy either the VAC extender or the bib hanger but I don’t know which one I should get exactly, Which hanger will give me the best results?

The vac extender-

Or the bib hanger-

Should I try moving the routine I am doing to twice a day??

Should I try clamping now? Any help is very much appreciated

What has worked maybe will work again. Take a decon-break (say a month) and start again a manual based routine. If after a month or such you can’t see any signs of new gains, you can start thinking something else.

Hanging or extenders aren’t girth-focused techniques - for girth, jelq, Uli’, pumping and clamping are the main techniques.

Bib hanger in my opinion. The best out there for length gains. Just takes a lot of time to adapt and learn how to use the hanger. Meaning getting all your wrapping down and hanger settings.

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