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Gains are only temporary; pride is forever


Nothing is permanent, PE or not. As we age, we tend to get smaller, weaker, more frail, etc. If you don’t have some kind of regular exercise regime for your penis, it will get smaller even if you never PE’d. Look at the members on this forum who started PE after…remembering how large they were in their 20’s, then measured in their 30’s or 40’s to disappointingly find that they had lost size, then quickly regained it with PE and then some.

It makes NO sense to put forth as much effort as PE takes, and then just stop completely without even a bit of maintenance. We have members here who are watching their penis dwindle away just to post about it, after it literally consumed their lives for years. Make it fit in with your life, not overtake it, and then you can continue until you are dead. Good luck!

Masturbation doesn’t reduce energy. Ejaculation does. There’s a release of hormones, probably melatonine that makes you sleepy.

A mantainance routine is not that difficult. Many guys here say that they interrupted PE and with a slight mentainance program they are ok.

I agree with idare. Ejaculation a few hours before or after PE probably isn’t the best idea because blood flow gets cut off down there after the ejaculation. U want that blood flow for your exercises. I also believe that it could be beneficial to maybe only ejaculate a few times a week. There are also advantages just in terms of overall energy. But I do think it’s helpful to masterbate and edge and keep the penis and all the parts working as much as possible.

Started Nov2008: EL 5.5", EG 4.5"

Dec 20th: EL 5.75", EG 4.9"

Progress Log


Originally Posted by 9_in_richard
Interesting intro there partner. Fortunately for you, you didn’t write that intro on one of the other boards that I frequent. This group is much friendlier than that group. They would have screamed Troll and flamed you un-mercifully.

I guess, if you have useful contributions to the forum that’s great, but you may want to tone down the approach a bit. We are all in this together, whether we start sporting a 3” erection or an 8” erection. Saying that a guy with a starting length of 8” shouldn’t be here is like saying a guy with 20” biceps has no business on the body building forum. I for one am just here to improve. I’m fine with my current size. Everyone here has different reasons and everyone is welcome here!


Hey there richard
Those girth gains are amazing!! How did you get them?

5-10 minute pre-warm (soak in water just at tolerable temp)
15-20 minutes jelq (2-4 sec stroke at 20-60% erect with a moderately firm grip)
Occasional ballooning (maybe every 10th stroke stop grip at glans and grip at base pressuring up mid-shaft)
Occasional bend “cautiously” mid-shaft under pressure (with dual grips as above)
5 minute post warm (soak in water at just tolerable temp)
Every other day routine
Supplement with Ginko, multi-vitamin and L-arginine

I have used the size genetics ADS in the past off and on, but I’m not sure what role it played. I think it helped me to re-gain my 7” erect length from my youth, but I attribute my girth gains to jelqing. I believe that jelqing is the number one most useful mainstay for any PE routine hands down.

On a side note, I have not PE’d for sometime now and have maintained my erect girth at 5.25”. My flaccid hang and girth are much less than before, but erect measurements are still intact.

Starting stats NBPEL 6" x EG 4.125" --> Mar 2008 NBPEL 7" x EG 5.25" Current Stats 7" NBPEL x 5.6" EG (Post 1st Round PMMA)

My noose style extender modification

My jelq routine

yeah the turtle is evil, make sure and wear comfortable underpants. I’ve found that to be important, too tight is not helpful.


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