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Gains after first month.

Gains after first month.

So I just finished my first month of PE. I gained about 1/8 of an inch in both girth and length. I’m pretty excited I guess. How good are these gains, and what are normal average gains for the first month? I did fuck up my PE routine a bit in the middle, and I didn’t really get the hang of it until the 2nd week, so I’m hoping that I’ll have better gains my 2nd month. But yeah, now I know this shit works, and I’ll be sticking with this probably for years to come. Thanks TP.

Stick with the newbie routine, and change ONLY if you don’t get any gains. I fucked it up and didn’t gain in a period of 4 months. Jelq ‘n Stetch as long time as you can.


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There are no normal or abnormal gains, as long as you’re acutally gaining. And as Swensk said, keep your routine until you’re not gaining anymore.

I appear to have gained 3/8 of an inch and no girth in that time.

And erections feel harder than a month ago (the kegels?)

Dude aweome isometrics work SOOO freakin’ well for your erections. Try it and notice a difference within 2 weeks.

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