Gains after a few weeks.

Ok, I so geeked. I am finally obsessed with PE. I ran across PE 6 years ago and even subscribed to some guys site which I have now lost the URL to, but I never got into it because I was afraid of the red dots I was getting. I have tried a couple times since then, but could never get into it. Now I seem to be obsessed with it. I get extremely upset if I do not get my routine in during the day. Right now I am just doing jelqs, stretches and light squeezes. I must admit that I am doing very extreme jelqs and less of them. I think it is quality not quantity. Although I have not gained anything in length I seem to have gained 3/8” in girth in a short time and this is really getting me excited. I must admit that I have been concentrating more on girth, but I hope length gains come soon as well. I might start hanging soon for length and I really want to use Montys weights as an ads. As soon as I figure a good way to wrap them I will start using them. Last night I told my girlfriend to grab a hold of my huge cock (she does not know about my exercises) and she said “It feels like it is bigger around” and she smiled. Oh, and I also stopped masturbating. I used to masturbate way too much and now I have stopped completely.

Start date 12-10-05 Old: NBPEL - 4.5" BPEL - 5.75" EG - 4.625" Current: NBPEL - 5" BPEL - 6.25" EG - 5.1" Goal: NBPEL - 7.5" BPEL - 8.25 EG - 6.00" - I want a big floppy donkey dick!