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Gains achieved!!!

Gains achieved!!!

I have to say, I am impressed by this stuff. It is working for me. It has been another month. My current measurements are:

EBPL: 6.25
EG: 5.375

Gains from last month…1/4 length, 1/8 girth

Total gains…3/8 length, 1/8 girth

Stick with it everyone!!!


Glad it’s working for you. Think about creating a progress log in the Progress/Routine forum for yourself.

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You have no idea how many assholes come here and question the efficacy of natural pe without actually committing at least a couple of months to try it out. I would maintain that if these enema bags would at least give it 2 months they all would be believers.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

You’re right, luvdadus. But why waste your breath on the aforesaid enema-bags to begin with? Let them take their closed minds elsewhere, and we can “waste” our energies on helping those who can appreciate it.

Thanks guys...

Thanks for the encouragement. I do have a progress log Buster, buried somewhere. I’ll have to drag it out again.

i think they are skeptical, as anyone should be. They have found out bout PE from those Neon Banners all over the net and spam mail. They want to believe it from their heart, but just wanna be safe. It is a learning curve. I wouldnt do anything to my Penis without knowing everything. Its posts from luvdadus and other PROS that make it easier for us newbies to embark upon this journey. I cant thank enough all the pro PErs and this forum for giving me confidence to try PE.

i just started pe 2 days ago my measurements are 6.3 lets see how big I get…. im not overworking im actually taking it easy at first i dont wanna hurt it : ) plus i still gotta you know, utilize it! im happy hopefully I can get a thicker one (I have a feeling my girlfriend wants that)

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